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Small town gems - Orwigsburg, PA

On a cold winter’s night in late January, I drove north to Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania, a little town I hadn’t heard of until a few months ago. But if you know me, you know I have a soft spot for small towns that are off the beaten path. I was intrigued and willing to visit.

I had the honor not only to be invited to attend the Orwigsburg Public Library monthly book club but also to have the privilege of having my first book, YOU CAN HIDE, selected to read for January.

From the minute I walked into the cozy, little library, I was put at ease by Claudia, the Librarian. The atmosphere of the library was warm and welcoming. A place I could easily see losing myself amongst their shelves, searching for a good book.

Enthusiastic, friendly, and inviting are the first three words that pop into my mind as I think about my recent visit with the women that attended. They were passionate about books, outgoing, and respected each other not only as fellow readers but more importantly as friends and neighbors.

The saying for the library is - "Libraries are more than just books." And with the Orwigsburg Library, the statement is very true. I came away from that evening with a renewed respect for the small towns that are sprinkled all across our country, and the people that make them great.

Orwigsburg Library and its book club are a true gem in this small town, with a sense of comradery, community, and a passion for reading.

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