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Falling for fall

The wind has shifted, the leaves edge from green to gold, and the daylight hours are becoming more precious with each passing day. Autumn is in full bloom and Winter waits on its colorful coattails, pushing forward.

This makes it the perfect season to get out those cozy blankets, sort through the cabinet, and look for your biggest mug to fill with your favorite hot beverage. Wrap your hands around the warmth, snuggle down on the sofa with a good book, and while away those ever-expanding dark hours.

If you need some suggestions for great reads, take a look at my list below, or ask a fellow book lover for some recommendations.

For me, the fall also means school and sports, and trying to finish those last chapters to complete my fourth novel.

As the days wan so does my creativity. I have experienced writer's block like never before, and it's weighing on me heavily. As the end of the year approaches, I feel the need to accomplish my writing goals for 2023. And my biggest goal is to get book number four - The Further I Fall - the first draft completed.

I still have faith that I can succeed.

Writer's block has forced me to take some drastic measures. No longer is dancing around the kitchen listening to my favorite song enough. (Which no one wants to see!)

I joined a couple of writers' groups. This specific one meets once a month, in a cheerful, cozy atmosphere, suited for writing with an eclectic collection of desks, plants, and lighting. About a dozen of us, some already friends, and others, strangers, sit together, cheering each other on with new accomplishments and tasks at hand, and then . . . silence descends, and we write.

A common bond that links us all together in quiet solidarity, the collective creativity in the air. I can hear the whir of the refrigerator behind the counter, the scrape of a chair as someone shifts, more importantly, I hear the soft but steady click of keys as we all write. Pure heaven.

WNL - you have helped me open the floodgates. Thank you for providing a space that not only accommodates but relaxes, motivates, and encourages.



Author Expo

Saturday, November 4th, 2023

Lititz Public Library

10:00 AM- 2:00 PM

Sixteen local authors - different genres. Something for everyone!

Romance Author Roundtable

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