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My Novels

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In the Shadow of the Black Moon

     Bree Thompson has suffered a tragic loss, one from which she’s afraid she won’t recover. Bree needs a drastic change; so that every time she turns around it doesn’t remind her of what she once had.

     She drives to the east coast, determined to find what she thinks she needs in the sun and the sand.

     Bree starts to believe it’s possible; she finds the perfect house on the water and a construction crew for her fixer-upper. One of them might even be able to mend her broken heart.

     But that’s when the trouble starts . . .

     Watching, waiting, someone’s lurking in the shadows to take it all.


You Can Hide

     Jayde Walker is left for dead. Surviving, she is the only witness to the murder of her best friend.

     Fighting amnesia, she tries to get on with her life, with the killer still on the loose. Then one night she remembers, and the truth terrifies her.

     Leaving behind everything and everyone she knows, she runs.

     Halfway across the country, lost in the Midwest, Jayde makes a wrong turn, desperate to disappear.

     The tall, green cornstalks in the vast fields of Iowa call to her. Without hesitation, Jayde steps in and disappears.

     Who can save her? Her fiancé she left behind? The detective she trusted, or the farmer that rescues her? Whom can she trust with her life? And her heart?

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