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Sand and Sun

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

What type of things do you like to do to relax and unwind? For me? When I travel it's the sand and sun. I was lucky enough to stay in the Outer Banks for the first time this summer.

I love the beach, absolutely everything about it. The scent of sunscreen, the smell of brine, the feel of sand between my toes. The sun as it shines down, warming everything that it touches from the top of my head to the sand beneath my feet. I love the sting of the wind after a day spent on the beach, with a slight burn and the saltwater coating everything it's come in contact with.

I love the crash of the waves. The steady lull, and the pull of it against my legs as I stand at the edge dipping my toes into the shockingly cold encroaching waves. Teasing and tempting me in with its refreshing feel. Then there's the sensation of the sand as it's sucked out from under me, burying my feet up to my ankles as the waves rush back in tossing pebbles and broken shells.

Life doesn't get any better, as my beach chair calls out to me, beckoning me back. I relax, sinking into the worn, warm canvas, sunglasses on, and a new book in hand. The pages slightly curled from the damp salt air. For me - this is a little piece of heaven.

Where ever you are this summer - whether it's at the beach, in the mountains, or visiting family and friends, I hope you are able to relax, enjoy, and find your little slice of heaven too. Happy summer everyone!

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