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        I'm Melissa Roos, an author who loves to write mystery romances.

      I'm proud to share with you the cover of my upcoming new release

The Further I Fall.



The further I fall final book cover1 (Posters).png

Available now

     Talented author Chloe Harris has built a life of success and solitude in the quiet corners of her small Pennsylvania hometown.

     Like a tattered book placed on a shelf for safekeeping, she's tucked her heart away since Tate Becker, the boy next door, ripped it in two. 

     But fate has other plans when Tate reappears, offering to help Chloe rebuild her home and tear down the walls around her heart. As they work together, the past resurfaces, threatening to undo Chloe's carefully guarded feelings.

     Yet, as Chloe's career ascends, she wonders what the next chapter of her life will bring. Could Tate be in it?

     But like a twist from one of her novels, darkness descends upon her idyllic world. Amidst the hope of romance, a sinister presence lurks. A stalker fixated on Chloe. His infatuation spirals out of control as jealousy and desperation consume him.

     Can Chloe and Tate rewrite their own story before it's too late, or will an obsession take over?

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      Thanks for checking in! 

Here's what some readers had to say . . .


“Melissa's gift is keeping you guessing who-done-it until the very end.”     - Author J.A. Stein

“Intriguing, entertaining and suspenseful . . .”


“The scenic descriptions by the author were so realistic you could practically smell the country air!”


“I could not put it down... from start to finish! Full of suspense and I fell in love with the characters.”


“A great story from start to finish with a vivid description of the setting."

"In the Shadow of the Black Moon has all of the elements necessary for a fun, and keep you reading late into the night, read. Relatable characters, a bit of mystery, a little romance, unexpected plot twists, and vivid descriptions of the book’s coastal setting. I very much enjoyed this second book by Melissa Roos and can’t wait for her next!"

"You will be sitting on the edge of your seat to see what comes next or laughing at the humorous back and forth dialogue. This was a great book, One I would recommend to those who like cozy mysteries with a splash of romance. Great read!!"

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