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        I'm Melissa Roos, the author of You Can Hide, which was my first novel.

      I'm proud to announce my new book, In the SHADOW of the BLACK MOON, which was released in September of 2021! Click under BOOKS on the heading to check it out.

      On this site, you can find a little information about me, my novels, and links to my social media.  Be sure to sign up for my email.

      Thanks for checking in! 

Here's what some readers had to say . . .

 "I LOVED IT!!!  Fast-paced, fast read, love the short chapters.  It kept me interested from the beginning.  Definitely my kind of book.  My favorite book of 2020."

Casey Allyn        

WIOV-FM Morning Show Co-Host

Cumulus Radio Station Group | York-Lancaster-Reading


“Intriguing, entertaining and suspenseful . . .”


“The scenic descriptions by the author were so realistic you could practically smell the country air!”


“I could not put it down... from start to finish! Full of suspense and I fell in love with the characters.”


“A great story from start to finish with a vivid description of the setting."

Ebook Cover.png