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        I'm Melissa Roos, an author who loves to write mystery romance.

      I'm proud to announce the release of my new book,

Cherry Hollow.

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      Thanks for checking in! 


For Cami Parker Cherry Hollow represents . . .



An old stone manor.

Her best friends and a high school crush.

But after being away for ten years she wants it to be her future too.

She returns with big dreams determined to make them a reality.

Wanting to start a new business, rekindle old friendships, and find out the truth about the tragedy that haunts her.

But not everyone is happy to see her. Not everyone wants her to uncover the truth. Some things are better off left buried in the past.

Book trailer

Here's what some readers had to say . . .



“Intriguing, entertaining and suspenseful . . .”


“The scenic descriptions by the author were so realistic you could practically smell the country air!”


“I could not put it down... from start to finish! Full of suspense and I fell in love with the characters.”


“A great story from start to finish with a vivid description of the setting."

"In the Shadow of the Black Moon has all of the elements necessary for a fun, and keep you reading late into the night, read. Relatable characters, a bit of mystery, a little romance, unexpected plot twists, and vivid descriptions of the book’s coastal setting. I very much enjoyed this second book by Melissa Roos and can’t wait for her next!"

"You will be sitting on the edge of your seat to see what comes next or laughing at the humorous back and forth dialogue. This was a great book, One I would recommend to those who like cozy mysteries with a splash of romance. Great read!!"

Available here or on my website 
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Cherry Hollow.Final (2).jpg
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